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Bulgarian Workout Program

Posted by: Paul

I've started the bulgarian workout program this week, so far it's going well. Has anyone else used this program? What kind of results did you get?

Re: Bulgarian Workout Program

Posted by: Al

I read you are trying the Leo Costa/Tom Platz program. I also have tried it at a couple of times in my life. I think it is a good hardcore program. However, I also feel it is a bit too much for most regular lifters that are not on "the juice " or some other pharmaceuticals. The Bulgarians are strong for sure, but they also do not have the laws on extra curricular supplementation that exist in this country. If you are motivated and have your nutrition right on you might survive it for a while.

Re: Bulgarian Workout Program

Posted by: Don

Hey Paul, the workout you are refering to I started using back in the early to mid 90's it is a great workout, especially if you are short on time. Two people doing supersets can complete the workout in as little as 20 minutes. It works best with a partner, and is actually designed to be an 18 week program. If you take it all the way through, I believe novice to intermediate lifters will see great results. I love it for changing things up, and for cutting. Take care.

Re: Bulgarian Workout Program

Posted by: Andy

The Bulgarian style workout looks well worth a try.

BUT, how do we know who or what is truly correct with all the info available today?

The Bulgarian method trains each muscle group 3 times a week as they state that deconditioning occurs after 3 days.

Others have scientific data to support the fact that muscle tissue is still breaking down from a workout on day two and does not fully repair, ready for the next workout until day 7! So each muscle group can only be trained hard a maximum of twice but ideally ONLY ONCE PER WEEK?

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