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How To Get Chest Muscles

Posted by: mike (plygroundlegnd69@aol.com)

ive been workin out for about 6 months n my benchin weight has went up from 135 to 225....10 reps..but every 1 i kno works out half as hard as me my chest muscles just wont liek firm up n liek stick out ?

Re: How To Get Chest Muscles

Posted by: theface (pubadrian@hotmail.com)

Try playing with your hand positions on the barbell. See what works your chest more. it all about getting your pecs to fail.

Re: How To Get Chest Muscles

Posted by: dan (thetunstalls@tiscali.com)

Benching alone isnt the answer! on chest day try, warmup (floor press ups 10x3) #increase wieght each set# 3x10 arnold dumbell press 3x10 incline bench press 3x10 incline flys all 3rd sets to failure, good luck!!

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