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Bodybuilding For Weight Loss

Posted by: Jon (greatbeefalo@hotmail.com)

Okay, Im 6'1" and almost 300 pounds. I havent really had a workout going at all and I'm seriously out of shape. Id like to get a good regiment going but dont have a clue where to start. I work and go to school (both full time) so time is a tight. What can I do? Id like info on diet and exercise regiments.

Re: Bodybuilding For Weight Loss

Posted by: Richard

First, to increase the amount of fat you burn, lift weights first. You do this because it helps deplete your body of blood glucose before you start cardio work. By doing this it takes less time for your bpdy to reach the "fat burning" threshold of your body's energy supply (Glycogen) system. This is where you stop running off body sugar, and your body switches to a longer lasting fuel. Remember that your body doesn't know when you need to stop running, only your brain tell you when to stop. Your body hasn't changed since being a Caveman, so if a Sabertooth Cat is chasing you, and you have to run all day, your body has to use a fuel that can sustain being burned all day. But I digress, after you lift, then do cardio, for about 3/4 of the time you normally do. Afterward, have a high protein shake (between 40-60g protien).

Precursory steps: Try very hard to cut sugar from your diet completely. If you need something sweet, try a diet coke. It's sweet so it might satisfy your craving, but it uses a fake sugar sweetner and therefor gets no carbs from sugar. This helps keep your blood sugar levels down.

Protein Intake: This is of primary importance. Eat Red Meat. As lean as you can get it. It will provide your body with as much fat as it needs if you're eating enough unprocessed animal meats. You can also eat lean chicken breast, turney breast, ham... etc.

Carbohydrate Intake: The keywords here are Impact Carbs. That is carbs that impact the level of blood sugar you have. Eating carrots are good for rabbits, not for men who want to lose 50 pounds. They are high sugar veggies that boost your blood sugar. Look up the nutritional facts of some vegitables, find out which ones you can stand to eat, and stick with those. Your diet is going to be a bit bland, but the results will eventually be worth the cost.

Physical Health: First, cutting 50 pounds is possible at your weight (depending on your height and total Body Fat %). I think your normal healthy weight might be around 200 pounds. Second, this is a long process. You might lose weight, but you're not going to look like a trackstar. That will take a few years before you are looking like an "athlete."

Mental Health: You've got to allow your body to "cheat." Give yourself rest days. If you decide to throw in a workout, work on your Core (back and abs). Abs recover quickly. Your body will get used to this regimine and will adjust to it, weight loss will gradually slow until you stabilize if you maintain the strict diet 100% of the time. You might also go crazy if you don't allow yourself rest, and a little pleasure food about once every 10 days or so. Maybe make Sunday your Day of Rest. Eat a bowl of Ice Cream (don't go overboard). Go to Subway for lunch and eat a footlong sub with Honey-Wheat Bread, whatever you like, enjoy in moderation. The Day of Rest isn't about letting hell break loose, it's about losening up a little. Shaking it off so you're able to refocus when you start in again. It's a small break.

Lastly: Get a friend to work out with you. If you do, it's someone who will keep you honest. It's too easy at times to talk yourself out of things. But if you have a buddy who will call you up and say he's going to the gym, you've got a commitment not just to yourself, but to yourself. Do it all for yourself, make no promises to other. don't do it for a chick, or your Dad, or whoever. It's gotta be for yourself.

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