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Testosterone and Prostate Cancer

Posted by: Randy

Catchy subject, huh? I ended up finding this forum as a result of researching muscle building during hormone therapy necessitated by prostate cancer. The hormone therapy consists of a shot of Luprin once a quarter and daily casedex pills. As you probably know, testosterone is the food that prostate cancer cells live on so the elimination of testosterone in the system results in starving the cancer cells - mostly they just hibernate until the test. level rises again (mine was 32 at last testing!) So, now the heart of my inquiry - is there a suppliment that I can get that would replace the effectiveness of test. while not feeding the remaining cancer cells still in there. The side effects of my meds include weight gain, fatigue and loss of muscle mass. I went through a year of therapy and was taken off the meds to see if any cells would rear their ugly heads- they did, so I am starting again in an already weakened state (my arms look like my grandmother's, actually, hers are better). If no replacement drugs exist, will continue my weight training stabilize the state of my musclature or is that a waste of time. The Dr. says I'll likely be doing an on again off again routine for the rest of my life and I sure don't want turn into Jabba the Hut.

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