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Home Bodybuilding Workouts

Posted by: Michael (mikilholdtheline@hotmail.com)

Hello, I've been working out steadily for four months at home, 150 lbs, and I plan on getting more serious as I get older (Only 15). Anyways, when I was younger I had surgery that was in the area of my right middle ab, I have defined muscle in all of my other ab muscles, but this one refuses to grow in any significant manner.

I do around 100 situps a day aswell as lower ab exercises- is there any way I can focus on this muscle?

Also- what would you say is the best way to do curls with only dumbells and barbells at home? I used to sit on the edge of my bed and curl 1 arm at a time, but I now realise it may be cushuning some of the weight lifted.

Thanks in advance.

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