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6 Pac Exercises

Posted by: Matthew (jb004p8978@googlemail.com)

I'm 16 and im really struggling to get a 6-pac, Im not fat at all but I cant get a six-pac, I do sit-ups every morning and night for between 50 and 70 times each time. Can you give me any advice on getting some results for a 6-pac?

Re: 6 Pac Exercises

Posted by: Jerad (jnh2misc@yahoo.com)

The abdominal excercises will build up the abdominal muscles but they will not be visible if you have even a small layer of fat over them. Remember, fat cannot be turned to muscle. Muscle will just develop under existing fat. The only way to burn fat is through cardiovascular excercise, at least 30 minutes per day. Of course, due to varying genetics, this may not be enough for everyone. A proper diet also helps. Then, there are some people who due to genetics might never have a six pack. It is unfortunate but true. There is also the possibility that you might be overdoing it with the abdominal excercises. After all, the abs are muscles like any other in your body and do need time to recover.

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