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Natural vs Steroids

Posted by: Confused (sh0rtridez@aol.com)

iam 29 years old, i use to workout heavily for around a year and noticed no gain, my parther was a steroid head so i did everything he did just not as much weight. I was wondering how i can build muscle in my pecs, bi's , tri's, abs? my legs are fine since i run up ladders all day long everyday. Do i need supplements? Please Help..... Also i have a home gym. Any workouts, routines, weight to rep ratio....

Re: Natural vs Steroids

Posted by: Erny

Stay natural bro. I have seen people make steroid-like gains who have remained natural. The closest thing to steroids I've taken is tribulus and testofuel testosterone boosters. Don't expect the same gains as on roids, but combine these test boosters with a truck load of food and your strength will go through the roof, resulting in fast muscle gains.

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