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Long Lean Leg Muscles

Posted by: Yesenia (celestecrystal3@yahoo.com

i love exercising, i eat very healthy with vegetables fruits..8 glasses of water every..etc. and i run 2 miles everyday. plus do leg exercises and stretch, im happy with my stomach arms, and everything..but my LEGS kill me! ahhh i hate em...they're not fat, i just think they're to thick =[ any ideas or workouts or anything i can try to thin out or make my legs longer or leaner???

Re: Long Lean Leg Muscles

Posted by: rose (fitnessbyrose@cox.net

Read your message. Other than lots of cardio, the only way to lean out the legs is to cut out simple carbs, like breads and starches. Eat lean proteins with vegies and eat every 3 hours. Hard boiled eggs with vegies, protein shakes, and it will happen. good luck

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