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How to Gain Weight and Muscle

Re: Weight Gain Methods

Posted by: rodawg (rodawg169@yahoo.com)

hey man the reason you aren't getting any better is because you probably aren't eating enough. when i did weight training before i joined the military i ate 6-7 times a day with protein shakes 2-3 times a day. i worked out 6 times a week targeting different parts of my body and certain days would be devoted to heavy weight lifting with low reps and other days was low weight lifting with speed and several reps. in order to gain weight you need to take in more calories than you are burning. you are probably not getting enough calories in and your workouts (no offense) could be low intensity. when i went to BUD/S, my weight lifting did nothing for me. i had little stamina and my cardio was never worked hard enough. the seals got me in endurance shape. the workouts we did were a ton of running (we ran 24/7) and crossfit workouts. the only weight lifting we did were with a 210 lb. log and 110 lb. IBS (rubber boat). i got more ripped and bigger and on top of that i can outwork most anyone i am put up against. what i am saying is. do at least 2 workouts a day (i really suggest crossfit for best all around results) and make sure you keep the intensity up to the point at which you feel like passing out. the body can do more than you think and you just have to push yourself. take Cyto Gainer protein pre/post workout and eat a ton of food every meal and through out the day eat some peanut butter sandwiches on wheat bread. when i did this, i had incredible results (went from 150-170 in about 3 mo.) make sure you workout long and hard and always push the intensity but keep in mind you need to be taking in more calories than you are spending (healthy cals). 40-60% carbs 20-30% proteins 20-30% fats. that should be your diet. good luck with your training.

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