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How To Make Your Abs Pop Out

Posted by: Cutestuff33 (Cclwrth@aol.com)

body: Working my abs now and they are really flat and tight... But i want to make them pop.. was told today that i need to use more weights when i do abs??? any thoughts... hoping to define...

Re: How To Make Your Abs Pop Out

Posted by: Fit4life (a_stud23@hotmail.com)

What you must remember is you can work your abs as much as you want but the other muscles that are around the abs need to be strengthened as well. Your back and chest both help to develop your abdominal muscles. Also mix up your workouts your body is a smart creation and it will get used to a regular workout. Try mixing it up every 3-5 weeks.

Re: How To Make Your Abs Pop Out

Posted by: Runner

Doing crunches and other ab exercises just strengthen the ab muscles. In order to get a six pack that shows you need to do a ton of cardio to burn off the fat around your midsection that hides those ab muscles. You could do thousands of crunches for months on end, but you will never get that desired six pack that shows without the adequate amount of cardio.

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