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6 Pack, Bicep and Tricep Training

Posted by: terriss (ogsand@AOL.com) 7/2/2007

Hi, im 15 years old and i want to get a 6 pack as soon as posible, after that i want to work on my biceps and triceps, can any tell a a good routine to build this muscles fast.

Re: 6 Pack, Bicep and Tricep Training

Posted by: Mike G (mg60@txstate.edu)

In response to your tricep/bicep question, just a tip I picked up from reading tons of books and sites and of course self-experimentation.

Skull Crushers(lying triceps extensions) are killer for adding mass to triceps. Flex your triceps in between sets while working on them. This keeps them in work mode until you are done with your triceps routine.

I have found the standing barbell curl to be the best for adding solid muscle to the belly of the bicep. They will look round and full. Try not to rock backwards or tilt your wrists at the top of the movement. A good way to prevent from rocking is to put your back against a wall while doing the standing barbell curl.

Good luck.

Re: 6 Pack, Bicep and Tricep Training

Posted by: jacob(jakethesnakemilford@hotmail.com)

i am 15 years old i have a 6 pack what you need to do is do 30 sit up after that do about 20 leg raises then do 10 crunches then do another 30 sit ups but this time with weights on you about five to ten pounds after that take a break then do some other part of your body do some pull ups and push ups and dead lifts.

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