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High Metabolism Weight Gain

Posted by: waqas(waqas2800@hotmail.com)

I am 16, i have a height of 180 cm and weight 64 kg. I just don't feel that my weight is enough, I can eat as much as i want and i still don't feel that i an gaining any weight, and the weighing machine doesn't show any progerss eigher. I haev now started to take weights, it is not helping gaining weight, but when i contract my muscles, they seem larger than before, but when they relax, they don't seem to look any bigger that before. so my question is:

1. how to gain more weight for ones with high metabolism?

2. how to increase the mass of my muscles (especially biceps and triceps) when they are relaxing?

Thanks in advance.

Re: High Metabolism Weight Gain

Posted by: bigdude(businessmajor@hotmail.com)

To get quick gains you have to keep moving up in weight.Start out semi light and start putting on heavy weight threw your sets. Don't hurt yourself just enough to feel strain and still be able to do complete sets. And alot of protein and creatien after your days workout. Your muscles need protein while they are resting helps growth. So if you weigh 125 take in 50 grams of protein if you are double take in 100. Eat alot of egg whites to. Creatine plays a major part in muscle growth and strengh. Both are low cost products that get the job done. Go into the gym with focus and work out those sets.

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