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Eating for Definition

Posted by: John(Shawty88_07@yahoo.com)

How to eat right and get bigger pecs and more defined abs? well i am a young guy 18 who is very short 5'3 but cocky as hell i want to get bigger pecks and have more defined abbs though i am very athletic(on wrestling team) i need to know a workout that will help me to do this and also a list of foods that will help me do this thank you to all who help me out

Re: Eating for Definition

Posted by: shawn jackson(shawn23jcksn@yahoo.com)

I had the same problem a couple of years back and I learn that to get rid of this problem is to first measure the amount of body fat around your abs area then do two days of cardio and three days of moderate weight training and drink about a 8 oz glass of water every hour or with every meal and exercise your abdominl 2 times a week doing on the first day lower for about 90minutes and the second day upper make sure on those two days of rest you eat plenty of protein and vegtables manly eggs,fish,and chicken backed and with in twelve weeks you will have a lean body.

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