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The FDA and Supplements

Posted by: FdaOversteps

FDA wants to take away your right to choose.

Health freedom action alert: FDA attempting to regulate supplements, herbs and juices as "drugs".

I need the Admin and posters here to be aware of what the FDA is attempting to take away from everyone in the United States. The FDA has been in the pockets of drug companies for a long time and now they are both taking steps to give you no other choice but to buy their drugs.

I do not want to promote one site so just do a google search for: Docket No. 2006D-0480

Read what these sites are saying. A couple have a link so you can give the FDA your comments directly. The FDA is trying to slip this under radar and overstep their bounds (again) . They cannot protect us or our pets from something they already control like contaminated food. They say they are overworked and undermanned already. I don't trust these guys one bit.

There is only one reason they are doing this and it is to protect their biggest customer which is the drug companies.

I am not saying that Pharmaceuticals are bad. I use them just like everyone else. We should be able to choose to take NATURAL vitamins that will keep me off the pills that the drug companies are pushing. Even if you do not take vitamins I hope you can see how important this freedom of CHOICE is.

The FDA and Drug companies make no money from natural choices. If they control it they will ban it and your only CHOICE will be the synthetic chemicals they are selling.

Even if you do not take natural products you can at least understand we need less goverment controlling our lives not more.


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