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Natural Fat Burning Foods

Posted by: Doberman Dan

Want to get back in shape and burn off body fat?

Get used to spicy food.

Spicy foods increase the metabolism by increasing thermogenesis.

Red peppers, cayenne peppers, hot sauces and any other red pepper based spices or herbs amp up the nervous system. This causes your body temperature to increase and you burn more calories.

Most fat loss or "cutting" diets are high in protein with lots of chicken, turkey, egg whites and lean beef. That stuff can be pretty bland.

Crushed red peppers, Thai red chili and lots of Tobasco sauce are not a significant source of calories but they help boost your metabolic rate and add some zest and flavor to what is normally a pretty bland diet.

Ginger is another ingredient that also exerts the same effect. It increases heat production in the body helping you to lean down.

So there's a few ideas to help you make your food tastier... AND increase thermogenesis to burn more body fat.

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