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Why We Train Movie

Posted by: PFB

WHY WE TRAIN, the new documentary film on bodybuilding, fitness and powerlifting produced by Guile Branco. The primary purpose of Guile's new documentary film is to shine a positive light on bodybuilding, power lifting, health and fitness.

The film follows Guile through his preparation for his last competition taking place at Muscle Beach, Venice, CA. As he prepares, he meets several champions and receives insight into their lives and why training is so important.

Guile personally invites you to join him in his journey from Muscle Beach, Venice to the Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio, to the Excalibur NPC Show in Culver City, CA and beyond.

Highlights Include:

Exclusive interview with Jon Jon Park (Reg Park's son)

Barbie Barbell: World's strongest teenager! To date Amanda has never been defeated in competition and will give any elite female adult lifter in the amateur 123 pound weight class stiff competition. Her skill levels are that of a seasoned veteran and are ready for the adult world of competition. She has trained hard and earned her place on the platform with the world's best female Powerlifters.

Scot Mendelson: World Champion power lifter who overcame an almost fatal accident. He is one of the World's strongest bench-pressers, lifting over 1000 lbs.

Carlos Laguna: He is a power lifter over at 72 years old! And he holds a record for his category. Born in Argentina, he overcame an obstacle inherent to all of us: aging. He is trying to break a world record for his category.

Victor Konovalov: Five-time NPC National Wheelchair Bodybuilding Champion and first-ever IFBB Professional Wheelchair-Bodybuilder! Victor's most recent national overall title (2007) came at the age of 45, 24 years the senior of the runner up.

The film also features appearances / interviews with: Dave Palumbo, Frank Zane, Ed Corney, Jon Jon Park, Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, Franco Columbu, Jack LaLanne, Joe Wheatley, Toney Freeman, Lee Priest, Phil Heath, David Henry, Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Producer Guile Branco is planning on donating 10% of his net proceeds from the film to the Reg Park Legacy Foundation.

Guile Branco and Joe Wheatley are available for interview by appointment, please contact:

Steve Thompson / Thompson Communications
580 Haddon Avenue; Collingswood, NJ 08108

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