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Bodybuilding Meal Planning

Posted by: Tracy

So ill give you then run down im 5,9 170 lbs not really that out of shape excpet for my smoking i dont drink tho.So im looking to get a 6 pack of abs and want to build more muscles in pecs and biceps and legs i was just wondering if someone could give me a place to get bodybuilding meal plan ideas or help me out with that and some good advice on how to work out i have a gym in my condo i go to 4 times a week giving 1 day a rest which i heard is right. Do i need to drink lots of water or gain more weight my stomach is not huge but i want to shape it way better Thank u in advance.I would pay for a personal trainer but im broke as a joke lol Right now im doing this work out 4 times a week barbell curls 35 lbs ,lat pull downs,tricep bull downs,leg curls,leg extensions,seated press,the one that works out my pecs where i push the two pads togther 3 sets of 8 for all and ab cruchnes 20 regular 10 side to each knee and 20 mins cardio is there anything else or advice

Re: Bodybuilding Meal Planning

Posted by: Paul

Checkout the new bodybuiling cookbook learn from years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the bodybuilding lifestyle. Loaded with quick, easy muscle building and fat buring recipies. Provides great menues to satisfy anyone.Learn the dynamics of diet and natural foods, packed with great tasting, high energy, protein rich recipies and healty hitnts and tips.

Bodybuilding Cookbook

Re: Bodybuilding Meal Planning

Posted by: Joe

Here is another an excellent product. The meal plans have been created by people who know EXACTLY what they're doing when it comes to food prep and nutrition. I have no hesitation recommending this product for people who are looking for meal plans and a way systematize their nutrition for optimum results.

Meal Plans

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