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I, Bodybuilder

Posted by: Paul

I just read about a new program called "I, BODYBUILDER: Radical Strategy for Radical Hypertrophy", they claim it builds muscle as fast as humanly possible.

I hear it involves two parts:

"1) Loaded Insulin Surges which is a strategy we're using to establish the extreme physiology required to support radical rapid-rate hypertrophy. In other words, for each of our test subjects, loaded insulin surges are successfully fueling the enormous metabolic demands of packing on pounds of muscle, week after week after week."

"2) High-Threshold Hypertrophy (HTH) which is a comprehensive training methodology that's producing true radical rapid-rate hypertrophy both in rate of growth and overall mass gained for every one of our bodybuilder test subjects."

I am excited about it and want to give it a try. Can anyone tell me the exact I, Bodybuilder workout and diet plan?

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