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Cancer and Fitness

Posted by: Karen Church (finalresultz@yahoo.com)

I'm 51 year old female and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June. I am scheduled for a mastectomy on Aug 20th. I'm doing what I can to prepare my body in hopes of having a quick recovery. I've been working with the trainers at the local gym for 30 minutes every day (strength training a different muscle group every day). I warm up on the bike for ten minutes before strength training and I do another 45 minutes after either on the bike or swimming. My older brother, a former olympian, has recommended that I do Highly Intensive Training with HIT to get my body in condition more quickly. He doesn't live locally, so we communicate through email. I also have Achilles tendonitis, so that limits some of my activites a little. I'm going to discuss HIT with my trainers, but I was wondering if anyone else has experience with this sort of thing (pre surgery conditioning). Thank you.



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