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Push Ups vs Bench Press

Posted by: Reeza

I don't know who to ask this or who to address this to or if I'll even get a message back, but this question has been bugging me.

Are push-ups as effective as say bench press/flys to build your chest muscles? I've seen lots of articles where people argue this topic and get absolutely nowhere.

The best answer I got is that it's different for certain people. Me, personally, my shoulders hunch forward and I'm barrel chested. When I tried bench pressing it just felt like I was working muscle groups in my arms not my chest if at all...

Doing push-ups and different variations of them have gotten more meat on my chest but I'm not sure if this is a dead-end road...?? Fly's worked well but I don't have regular access to this machine, only bench and of course push-ups and my dumbbell weights.. any adivce would help..

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