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Avoid Overtraining

Posted by: Mike S.

I have read about overtraining and I'm not sure if I have been overtraining...

My Workout is as follows:

Day One-Upper body weights - biceps,lower and middle chest(bench press and flies then incline bench press and flies), shoulders, triceps. Then I do Calisthenics (every day I do 150 push ups, 500 crunches, vertical knee raise, pull up, chin up and dips.

Day Two - Lower body weights - squats, dead lifts, leg extensions, hamstrings, lunges and then do Calisthenics (same as day before)

Every day about 3 or 4 hours after the weights I do Intense Cardio for about 35 mins. (sprints, short run, sprint on bike, jump rope)

After dinner I go on a longer bike ride for about 35km. at about 20km/h. I know endurance cardio decreases muscle mass.

But I had a lot of body fat before and now I'm 145 I want to try and burn away as much body fat as I can so I look more toned (especially in the ab region) But building muscle mass is just as important to me so I want to be able to lift weights and do Calisthencis as soon as my muscles have reapaired and recovered themselves. If you might be able to give me some kind of program that allows me to start seeing more results building muscle but also burns a ton of fat i would be very thankful.

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