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Proper Supplements for Weight Training

Posted by: Ivan (ivo.jagersky@gmail.com)

Hi, all.

I'm looking for some advice tailored to my body type regarding supplements for weight training.

I am 24, 155 lbs., 5'8''. I typically work out through the spring to get in decent shape for summer, then regress come fall. This year I'd like to get past that stumbling block and maybe put on some muscle.

My problem is that I've a hard time toning or putting on muscle. Despite being thin my body is rather fatty. After a few months working out, I get bigger, but it's mostly from toning my muscles. I've a light frame, and muscle mass doesn't develop easily. I've done workouts with fewer reps and heavier weights, and lighter weights and more reps. Nothing in particular has seemed to work any better.

I found for myself a workout that seems challenging yet appropriate for my schedule, a circuit training program for muscular definition and fat burn.

I'll be doing it Sunday/Monday, Wednesday/Thursday.

Keeping in mind my physical attributes, does anyone have a good, perhaps inexpensive supplement to help me firm up and maybe put on some muscle, or at least strengthen the muscle I have? I'm losing patience with working out for health's sake. I'd like to maybe gain something aesthetic from it!

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