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Masters Bodybuilding Competition

Posted by: Rick DeCamp (decamp.rick@yahoo.com)

Hi Fellow Bodybuilders,

I'm a competitive bodybuilder who has been competing in the Bantam Weight Class in NPC competitions for 3 years. I want to move up to the lightweight class for 2010. I'm putting on some sensible weight now and liking the fullness and thickness I'm seeing in the mirror. I am always looking for information and supplements that will help me reach my goals. I don't expect to find a supplement that will take the place of hard work and dedication to the weights - but I learn a lot from articles and information in magazines and from other bodybuilders.

I guess I should also mention that I am 58 years old and have only been in this sport competitively for 3 years. I've been hitting the weights for about 40 years, and just recently got the guts to compete. I've won a few Bantam weight classes and have done well in the Master's Over 50 class. I have 19 trophies at home that I have won in the Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio NPC competitions. I want to be bigger though and really feel I can be with proper nutrition, workouts and attitude. People tell me I look 35 (except for the grey hair). I'm not as competitive in the Master's because I'm so small. That's why I want to "beef up" and go in heavier - but cut/ripped. I know time is against me, but I figure if I don't give it a try - I'll go to my grave thinking I should of done more.

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