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No Nonsense Muscle Building Program

Posted by: James

Hey.. James here.. Lil about me- I'm a hardgainer standing at 6'2 who started at about 135 lbs... I remember for the longest time it seemed almost as if my body refused to allow me to gain much if any muscle mass whatsoever.. I probably spent about 4-5 months of frivelous weight training every other day trying to build muscle to pretty much no avail.. Eventually I came across the No Nonsense Muscle Building Program .. which I'm sure many of you also have and had similar success as I've had with it. After being on the program for a little while now I've finally seen massive progress and am currently at 165 lbs .. added 30 lbs of muscle in a relatively short amount of time. But my question is, as I'm sure many of you who are doing Vince's program know.. he doesn't exactly endorse any muscle building supplements and believes they are basically over-hyped. Now, although I've already had massive success with his program and trust his advice.. I find it hard to believe that there isn't ANY effective supplement out there which can promote significant muscle gain. I know first hand that many are bogus and give fraudulent claims.. but I know there has to be SOMETHING out there which really works. Am I wrong in this assumption? Have any of you experienced significant added results with the help of a muscle growth promoting supplement?? Any advice / comments / suggestions would be much appreciated.. and I'm not interested in steroids either.. thanks!

No Nonsense Muscle Building Program

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