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Disabled Bodybuilding
Workouts For Disabled People

Posted by: Juan

I have a request/suggestion.

There seems to be an increasing number of younger disabled vets, I being one of them. Most workout routines are not practical. Especially regular cardio. Most of the injuries are leg and back related. The usual treadmill or stair climber is not always an option for most people. Granted many are seeing a physical therapist but there are those that do not qualify to see one. So most try to maintain a comfortable and safe weight doing what was drilled into us. That is what probably caused most of the problems. Now having a "handicap" (not a fan of that word) it puts many people in a catch 22 position. Workout to keep the weight off and make it easier on the injured joints but this causes additional strain on those same joints. The other is to do as little as possible to keep the pain down but then weight is usually a factor.

I know giving workout advice can cause trouble if a person's particular injuries are not known. Perhaps show alternative methods to helping people maintain a safe weight. It was not until recently that I learned about a cardio device that allows me to sit down and use my arms to turn what looks like a stationary bike but for my arms to be used get a cardio workout. This machine is a big help. My physical therapist gave me additional shoulder exercises to build up muscles that people neglect. Not doing these exercises would definitely cut into the alternative cardio exercise.

This all boils down to requesting to see more advice columns for people that are not physically able to do the traditional exercises. Anything would be a plus.

Fitness for the Disabled

Posted by: Hasan

Quick question for you

I am a 32 year old male who has been into fitness for many years and was looking for some advice on being a trainer. My question is more so with your expertise do you think someone with a disability stands a chance being a successful trainer for kids and other with disabilities? I suffer from a neurological disorder but manage it well and wish to help others like me and the youth in the state of Florida.

Re: Fitness for the Disabled

Posted by: Paul

Hi Hasan,

Yes, do it! I think no one would would be a better inspiration or have better understanding for the factors involved then you would.



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