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How To Build Upper Chest

Posted by: Paul

The Perfect Angle To Train UPPER CHEST

There's no doubt that chest exercises that use an INCLINE BENCH do a better job at targeting your UPPER pecs.
But there's a strong correlation between the ANGLE of the incline and the area of your muscles you're REALLY targeting.
Picture the flat bench (normal bench press position) which we'll call "0 degrees"...
You're flat on your back, horizontal to the ground and this primarily works the "mid-chest" region very well.
Now, sit up completely (90 degrees) for pressing movements and you're doing a "Military Press" for your shoulders, right?
Therefore, as you INCREASE the angle of your upper body, you transition all the way up from mid-chest...through upper chest...to your shoulders at 90 degrees.
So what's the perfect angle to hit UPPER CHEST without "too much" mid-chest OR shoulders?
While MOST people are training at a 45 degree angle, they're really hitting more shoulders than they SHOULD be.
So find a bench at your local iron jungle that allows you to adjust the angle to 30 degrees and see if you don't FEEL the difference!

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