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Reps For Muscle Tone

Posted by: Robin

I have a question regarding weight training I was wondering if you can answer. I want to lose weight but also tone/sculpt my body so my muscles will be more defined after I lose the weight. I have read alot about the subject and 50% say working out with high reps and low weight will tone the body and 50% say you have to use low reps and heavy weight to tone, that high and low doesn't do squat. Do you happen to know the honest and truthful answer to this? It's very confusing when you read 2 different answers . Now I'm questioning my own workout and wondering if I'm just wasting time. I do 8 to 12 reps with a moderate weight. Any feedback on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Reps For Muscle Tone

Posted by: Paul

Muscle tone is correctly defined as "The amount tension present in muscles when at rest". Some people have confused this with muscle definition which is 100% a factor of your percentage of bodyfat.

Also there is a myth that high reps will burn off bodyfat, it's not true. To lose bodyfat you have to be on a fat loss diet and do some form of cardio.

Of course once the fat is gone you will want the underlying muscles to be firm (have good muscle tone) this would require strength training with enought weight to do aprox. 6 to 12 reps per set on average.

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