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How To Grow Bigger Muscles Fast

Posted by: Shon

How are you. Its great to have you by my side so that I can establish my goal in life. I am Shon Estella , 34 years of Age , Christian living in Mumbai.

I write to you because You are smart, perfect and the most intelligent person. I need your help and instructions as How I can build a good body.

I am very skinny. I weigh 57 kg and my Height is 6.1 feet. I have bought Gym equipment at home that is a Flat Bench, Dumbbells and EZ-Curl bar.

I don't know anything about diet and Why I am thin inspite of eating.

Yes I don't eat meat because It is very expensive here. I eat Chicken Noodles , Cheese, Roasted peanuts and Roasted Soyabeans. Please guide me on Nutrition and what will make me grow bigger in Size. I want a bigger chest and good arms and whole body to be Muscular.

Is Ice-cream good for adding fats and calories ?

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