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How Big Can A Natural Bodybuilder Get

Posted by: Ray

How big can you get naturally?

My name is Ray and I've just started but always had an interest in bodybuilding. I saw your forum and it would be a great help to me, the magazines you get in the newsagency are to full of BS and I'd like to read something that will apply to me, a person that will be going natural all the way. I want to just work hard and have a great nutrition and see how far I can strech my body. Im sure I can get good results if I put in the hard yards.

When the say natural bodybuilding and with all these competitions and all do they mean like full natural, as in no epistane pro hormone or enhancers etc, just things that grow from the group kind of thing. Cause i know some of these things are legal in the USA and wasnt sure. I wont be using those things but do people in comps do?

Also how big can you get naturally, could you send me a picture or a link to guys of large natural builds who have done completely natural bodybuilding that are large. For example is 22 inch biceps possible natural? I just dont know how big a person can get I am quite large naturally have 16 inch biceps already without working out with them at all growing up just wasnt sure as the scene is so tarnished with drugs as to what results can be achieved naturally or if some results posted are only achieveable via drugs and obviously hard work.

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