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Triceps after Chest

Posted by: Neil

hi my name is and i just want to know some things about weightlifting. I was told compound exercises are the best exercises for gaining mass so i do the bench press, but the problem is when i do the bench press i go on to do the tricep workouts but i dont have enough strength to carry it out. i got told that doing bench press alone is not good enough to properly develope your triceps and you have to do specific tricep workouts but i can't because i have been drained by doing the bench press. I know the simplest way to resolve this problem is by doing a split rountine but i've just got back into weightlifting so im doing full body workouts with a divide of the lower and upper sections, this is my routine monday upper, tuesday lower, wednesday rest, thursday upper, friday lower, weekend off, do you know anyway to resolve this problem? thanks.

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