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The Perfect Rep Range for Building Muscle

Posted by: Nathan

Hello I have been researching alternative ways of lifting that have been forced upon me due to the economy, as well as a busy lifestyle. I have recently moved into a bodyweight training regimen. Naturally being a rather lean and muscular build that I have been growing since I was 16, I wanted to look more towards bodybuilder’s angle. I first came upon a theory of time under tension or load. Then I looked at the overall benefits of total muscle being built using compound closed chained exercises vs. my typical open chained exercises in which I kept to a certain rep range. Then I determined from the studies I have read I would get a timer and make sure my sets would leave me between 40-70 seconds at the time of muscular failure. This got me out of the mind set that I needed to count reps, after all the body doesn’t count reps? This keeps me happy because I am not just maintaining, but I am growing. I have been doing this for 8 months and good results. Now, I came upon an article on occlusion training. The main thing is that you restrict blood flow proximally to the muscle being worked, therefore fatiguing slow twitch muscle fibers more quickly. The bodies’ main reaction to all of this is strictly to get the fast twitch muscles to be recruited, lactic acid to accumulate as well as other metabolites. Of course this has its restrictions to which body parts can be used. But the studies have shown a great increase in HGH and IGF-1 has occurred due to the low PH levels. As well as NO levels from the body trying to get more oxygen enriched blood to the slow twitch muscles. I am sure this is overkill of an explanation since it seems like the same technique that gymnastics and even bodybuilders already use. I was wondering if anyone thinks that the body’s reaction to the metabolic byproducts such as increases IGF-1,HGH, and NO are just as beneficial as is a high testosterone methodology such as the body only grows according to the mechanical stress you put on It through overloading the muscle with more volume?

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