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Not Getting A Pump

Posted by: Keith


25 years ago I was a very strong collegiate bodybuilder (though unknown) but life got in the way. Now I am 45 and my wife has got me back in the gym to "climb the mountain again." I have been back for only three weeks and I'm down in the chops at how weak I have become but I'll get over it. Here's my Q.

Though I take my sets to failure (one set actually includes two or three step downs to complete failure with appr. 8 reps per set) I do not get any pump. My wife says my problem is not enough cardio. I haven't done any for years. So what's up? Am I simply priming again, getting my nerves and vessels up to speed first or is there maybe another issue at play. And if I am priming should I drop my weight so I achieve more reps (15 +/-) for a couple of months?

P.S. I am not really after a pump but muscle teardown. It's just that I expected a hard pump in my routines and I am not getting one.

Re: Not Getting A Pump

Posted by: Paul

I think what is happening, is you are working too hard too soon and this is too much of a shock to the body and thus not getting a pump.

I would suggest higher reps and not doing drops sets yet.

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