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How Many Workouts Per Muscle Group?

Posted by: Erich

Hey, I have a few questions regarding workout programs. I'm over in Afghanistan at the moment serving for the Canadian army. My workout program has had to be slightly modified due to lack of equipment that im used back in Canada, but im wondering if the plan I made up is borderline over training! I'm working the muscle groups spread out over the week...mon-arms(bis n tris) tues-shoulders, wed- chest/back, thurs legs, n fri is a heavy day for arms cause thats what im trying to hit the hardest. I've been working out for a few years so its not new to me, juss curious on this. I have 3 workouts per muscle group and an ab workout every second day with sat completely off. Is this too much?

Second thing, I was benching 300+ before I left for tour n now im stuck at 275 due to not enough time to train, but what is the best way to increase the strength in my chest to get back up to my 300? I was thinking of once a week doing like a super heavy/low rep n sets bench?

Thanks for the help, hope to hear from you soon.

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