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Gaining Weight With High Metabolism

Posted by: Harry.

I'm 17 and 3 months and of slim build,I haven't had a proper growth spurt since I was 15, and I'm currently 5'9"'. I'm hoping to grow taller and have another growth spurt, but I also have a high metabolism which makes weight and muscle gain an issue.

I was looking for dietary and exercise tips on how to put on a bit of muscle mass and hopefully help in growth so I could atleast hit 5'11" or 6'0" as an ideal height, I know that I'd probably have to wait and see if I could naturally hit that, but to be able to bulk up a bit and get some decent definition would be a big help, especially since I go to a specialist sport high school.

One last thing, I have an adjustabe bench that I can use for weights or situps, a mat that's good for pushups, and 8.5kg dumbells, the highest I've been advised to use is 10kg as a max due to a family history of cardiac disease, which I've never experienced.

So yes, any tips on how that stuff aswell as diet tips would be a major help.

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