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Ketogenic Diet Guidelines

Posted by: Donagh

I have done the keto diet a few times but im out of ideas.

Maybe you can give me quick guidelines.

I am 200 lbs at 6 feet tall.

14% give or take, body fat.

What way would you designe my meal plan.

Bacon and eggs for breakfast with cheese and mayo

protein after gym

tuna or salmon with lettuce and rockette and vinegar

pan fried chicken breast (sunflower oil = 1tbls) with veg (what would be best for veg here)

Beef / lamb with veg

almonds - any where between 12 and 20

this would be a huge help

Also my gf is 5 foot 4 and is 149. I see the great results your wife had and my gf is amazed. maybe you could help a bit there.

Thank you so much my friends and I am buzed about my new journey.

Oh, And we train 5 times a week

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