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John Grimek bodybuilder

Posted by: Grey Lion

I recently heard someone say John Grimek was too smooth. Too smooth for what? This guy went undefeated as a bodybuilder, and was an Olympic weightlifter. I doubt if there's any normal man who would be unhappy if he was built like John. The guy was still pushing big weights until his old age.

Some say he used roids, but that was probably after he competed. I have books and magazines from the thirties, and the guy looked great. Unlike today's bodybuilding contestants, he looked real. He looked like a man, not like some sort of bloated freak.

Steroids have destroyed athletics, and created a strange and artificial view of how men should look. I was reading recently an article describing how to work the bench so you can have hanging "tit-like" pecs. Why the hell would I want that?

It's not normal or healthy to be cut to ribbons. And for most men it's not possible. I have an extemely high metabolish, and can stay at a low level of bodyfat easily. But that's rare.

Only a fool could think he could look like Ronnie Coleman without becoming a walking lab experiment.

As for high reps, they build endurance. They spin up the muscle for more capilaries. But they don't build much strength. If you have the genetics, it doesn't matter what you do. I was in the gym business for many years and have seen it time and time again.

I like your site, by the way.

Re: John Grimek bodybuilder

Posted by: jrhathcock

Whether John Grimek was the greatest bodybuilder of all time or not, he was the ONLY bodybuilder who was never defeated. I get so sick and tired of hearing these yahoos saying that Grimek won against Steve Reeves in London in 1948 because his coach Bob Hoffman was one of the judges. NO, he was not. One of the British judges wrote an article after the Universe Contest said that Hoffman and the other York men who were there were offered a judging spot but all refused as they didn't want to be accused of influincing a Grimek win. Also, this same judge declared that to be fair to Grimek - he won by a considerable margin. Same in 1949, when he came out of retirement and defeated all the top bodybuilders, including, once again, Steve Reeves, George Eifferman, Clarence Ross, Armand Tanny and a host of others. As for steroids, John Grimek never used a steroid in his life. He didn't need to. The man was blessed with amazing genetics and natural strength and he also predated steroids as we know them today. So, again, whether or not you agree or disagree that John Grimek was the greatest bodybuilder who ever lived, one thing is for sure: HE NEVER WAS DEFEATED! And he's the only one! Those who knew him personally, and I was one of them found him to be the greatest inspiration that bodybuilding ever had and to me, he will always be THE MONARCH OF MUSCLEDOM! Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and their ilk are nothing but bloated, steroid-infused "monsters of the midway" as Grimek called them and they make me sick to look at them. Give me the old-timers anyday! Pearl! Reeves! Park! Delinger! Eifferman! And please, no more baloney abouyt Grimek needing Hoffman's help to win the Mister Universe in 1948 and the Mister USA in 1949.

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