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Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass & Strength Secrets

Posted by: Paul

“Shocking NEW BODYBUILDING BOOK Pry’s Open the Vault Containing Diaries of Hidden or Suppressed (It’s none of your business. You are not supposed to know.) Powerful ‘Time-Tested Bodybuilding Secrets’ Of Past & Present Champion Bodybuilders, and Strongmen!...REVEALED Are The (Can’t Find Anywhere) Proven Secrets For Building COMMANDO-TOUGH Muscle Mass and Strength QUICKLY and NATURALLY.

Toronto, Canada (October 2010) – Over a year in the making, Dennis B. Weis and Robert Kennedy join forces once again to co-author a complete hard-core guide for serious Bodybuilders across the planet, who are in search of greater muscle mass and strength performance.

For Serious Bodybuilders THERE IS NO ONE THING THAT DOES IT for building superior muscle mass and strength. It’s not the Muscle Punishing Workouts, Sacred Adventure Nutrition, Subconscious Muscle Enhancing Thoughts, Power of Will or How Much Sleep You Get. It’s not any single one of these facets by itself. Rather it’s all of them combined together (as an expressed formula) where they become a tremendous force for influencing gains in muscle mass & strength.

The new 'action information sensitive', 181,000+ words, training book Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass & Strength Secrets! by Dennis B. Weis and Robert Kennedy (RKP $39.95/Paper) freely shares new and radical information that specifically speaks to every facet of hard-core Bodybuilding. This includes; ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’ Gut Wrenching, Pain Zone REAL Training Programs, and ‘Shrewd’ Energy Explosive Anabolic Muscle-Building Diets for BUILDING (almost) UNBELIVABLE MUSCLE MASS & STRENGTH…QUICKLY and NATURALLY.

Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass & Strength Secrets! also contains a multitude of attention grabbing information on Powerful; Supplementation Tactics (Alfalfa, Chlorophyll Muscle Gain Secret etc.), Homicidal…Kill Crazy Red-Line Intensity Manipulation Techniques, Perfect Training Program Requirements and the Mind Power Doctrines of the Modern Iron Warrior Brotherhood now sweeping the planet.

Here are some more invaluable secrets you’ll discover; Twelve-Week Muscle Weight-Gaining Guide, Realistic Training Expectations, 4-Signature Training Winning Edge Workouts, Precise Guidelines/Methods of Super Muscle & Strength Specialization (nearly a book in itself), and 100+ Leverage Smart Exercise Descriptions and time parameter Reference Charts.

“This book of ‘need to know advice’ is not based on mere theory,” say the authors. “Its timeless contents have been arrived at through INTENSE STUDY of ‘old school’ bodybuilding protocol and the latest proven research findings.”

Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass & Strength Secrets! is a WORDS and PICTURES inspired book crammed full of vital unsuppressed 'maximum genetic potential' triggering information with only one purpose in mind:


This book will guide you with clear and concise discussions on:

· Determining Optimal Workout Overload

· Rep Contraction Tempo

· Multi-Poundage Principle

· 1/6 Method

· One Regular Set Plus Fast Doubles Technique

· 10 Speed Pump Technique

· “4” Natural Anabolic Stimulators

· 6-Steps to Guaranteed Quality Sleep

· Almost Juice’in

· The $500 Short-Long Term Goal Guarantee

· Muscle Memory Recall

· Demon Training Technique

· Muscle Rounds

· Muscle Mass Negatives & Positives

· One-Day Blitz Method For Adding ½ Inch of Muscle in 24 Hours

· Soviet Shock Training Tactic

· Fraction Sets Principle

· 3-8-12 Method For Gaining Muscle Mass In 30 Days

· Psycho Workouts

Illustrated throughout the book are authentic captured, inspiring photos of sweat soaked Bodybuilding champions and mighty strongmen of the 21st training and posing- as an eyeball guidance system of 'How To' “This ‘no fail make your muscle wail’ expose and incendiary book unlocks the door “to the powerful unbiased collective wisdom of hard-core training advice and quotable quotes, of the top pro Bodybuilders and mighty strongmen of mass & strength training,” say Weis and Kennedy.

“Like a battering ram of crushing force, Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass & Strength Secrets! packs a powerful wallop in the gains factor – with more than enough amazing breakthrough facts, old school training methods and nutrition advice to quicken your pulse and help you easily master Bodybuilding confidence in a 24 hours stream which save you years in your immediate progress rate of developing.”

So...the conspiracy or ignorance of the present evolving Bodybuilding MISINFORMATION world is now about to be smashed, exposed by the remarkable Weis and Kennedy men...one an always honest world famous idealistic journalist researcher who cracked the muscle up formulas early in his career, and the other a gutsy multi magazine empire publisher who from his entry into the sport, WHERE WORDS AND PICTURES INSPIRE, fought in print to open the 'doors of muscle sport perception' for accurate powerful effective information to reach the Bodybuilding oriented public.

The NO NONSENSE Step-by Step Bodybuilding Instruction exploding off the pages of Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass And Strength Secrets Produces MORE Than Promises…! Beginners up to advanced Bodybuilders will experience more Rapid, Dramatic and LASTING Results in adding unthinkable new muscle mass & brute strength in the weeks to come than in previous years.

Today as yesterday, Bodybuilders the world over are looking for a Pure and Simple expressed Bodybuilding formula that will be interactive with their targeted development, goals and available time lifestyle. Huge & Freaky Muscle Mass And Strength Secrets!, provides such a formula. It’s called the 6-Phase Muscle-Gain and Strength Program and is one of the many secrets revealed in the book.

If you have failed to see any real muscle mass and strength gains in the last six months and certainly longer periods, then you owe it to yourself to LEARN the True Facts about the “private” anabolic steroid-free Secrets contained in this ‘easy to understand’ book.

Just leave your preconceptions and skepticism outside. You are about to enter a secret world where “old rules” of bodybuilding Do apply when they are reformulated to do so. Starting today now, this very moment in fact, Nothing about tapping into awe-inspiring leviathan muscle & strength potentials is impossible for you…

Be the “one-man-in-a-thousand” who always has the answers…turn your Bodybuilding dreams into reality. Empower yourself to take control of your Bodybuilding destiny.

Order your, for immediate release, personal copy of the book HUGE & FREAKY MUSCLE MASS & STRENGTH SECRETS, NOW!

Dennis B. Weis a previous top level titled Power-Bodybuilding champion is currently a four decades famous feature writer, investigative sports chronicler, interviewer, and assignment researcher for such magazines as Iron Man, Muscular Development, Muscle & Fitness, MuscleMag International, Powerlifting USA and REPS!

His collaborative mainstream books co-authored Robert Kennedy include three critically acclaimed best-selling books: Mass! (1986), Raw Muscle! (1989), and Anabolic Muscle Mass!: The Secrets of Anabolic Reinforcement Without Steroid (1995). His most recent work, The Bodybuilding Brain Stack 19 Master Data eReports-CD is fast becoming a best seller on the bodybuilding Internet.

Robert Kennedy is the author of numerous breakthrough bestselling books, Hardcore Bodybuilding, MASS! Beef It, and Reps!, and the author of Pumping Up. He is the editor of the highly successful Bodybuilding magazines MuscleMag International and REPS!

He is CEO of the progressive ROBERT KENNEDY PUBLISHING, and is one of the peer respected authorities and teachers in the Bodybuilding world today, across the planet.

Get you copy at https://www.amazon.com/Huge-Freaky-Muscle-Strength-Secrets/dp/1552100839

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