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fitness contest ideas

Posted by: Marie


I am looking for ideas for fitness contests for office workers. We have formed a group in my office (we are Information Technology people and are on our butts in front of the computer ALOT). We have just finished our first contest. We have 14 people and we split them into 2 teams. We used pedometers and tracked our steps and for those who bike or do aerobic classes we converted their time into steps and started a virtual trek to the North Pole from South Carolina (visiting some of our companies locations and fun sites along the way). Our teams started in January and we have reached the North Pole. Now we are getting together to try to come up with other ideas for contests. They seem to motivate us to keep exercising better than anything else. The only problem is finding ideas and trying to incorporate all the different types of activities and levels of workout (beginner to avid enthusiast). I was afraid when we reached the North Pole that interest would disappear but almost everyone is wanting to try something else. Do you have any ideas?

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