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back exercises at home

Posted by: Yvonne

Hi there!

I hope you can answer my queries about some back exercises.

I am trying to put together a program of “at home” (ie with no equipment at all) exercises for the back.

Someone recommended the following exercises and I just wondered if they do, indeed work the back, and if so, which part? Pls would you mind taking the time to tell me exactly which muscles are worked in the following exercises?

1 Prone lying, alternate leg lifts;

2 Scapula shoulder slides (standing back to wall, in a “hands up!” position, bringing elbows down and up);

3 Lying under a table, fingers gripping table, knees bent, pulling yourself up and down;

4 Lying prone, “Superman” s – both legs lift at same time as both arms in front lifting;

I would really appreciate your expertise on the above! Thanks so much!

All the best


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