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bodybuilding nutrition for women

Posted by: Alexandra

Hi I came across your website while googling bodybuilding nutrition for women.

A little background info: I am a 22 year old female, i started my journey being 235 lbs (never been that way I was always on the fit side, but after having baby emotional eating took over) I started going to the gym in june, and I now weigh 155 lbs. I started training and lifting about two months ago with a friend who is training for a bodybuilding competition. My biggest desire is to compete myself in a bodybuilding division (I think im too muscular for figure or fitness) I eat 6 meals a day, three of those are a scoop of hydrowhey. The other three are egg whites 1/2 oats and flax for breakfast (or sometimes two scoops of protein instead of the eggs) and the other two meals are either fish/chicken, spinach or salad (no dressing) and either sweet potato or brown rice for the lunch meal.

Now to the problem, I have been on a rollercoaster of ups and downs with my weight fluctuating as low as 145 to as high as 157, my body fat is 25% which is too high... and would like to lower as I build more muscle.

I train 6 days a week, lifting in the morning with cardio intervals, and straight cardio in the afternoons 6 days a week.

I take fat burners, CLA, omega 3s, bcaas pre and post work out, multivitamin.

I think I have covered it all, what I really need is guidance to be in the right path, because my eating plan was pretty much created from things i have read online, as well as my supplementation.



Re: bodybuilding nutrition for women

Posted by: Susan

I have always eaten a well rounded diet and take a daily vitamin supplement, so I used a whey protein isolate shake by Muscle Gauge Nutrition in place of my lunch a few days a week. They kept me full all day and only cost me 130 calories so I was able to drop about 10 lbs in a couple months (which was all i was trying to lose). If you are able to still get all the necessary vitamins, the whey protein shakes are much more affordable then buying slim fast or something of the sort. I also used MGN's flavors like Ice Cream Sandwich and Rocky Road which cured my craving for sweets too.

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