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body shaping for men

Posted by: matthew

help please :)

I want to see if you think am doing the right workout to loss weight and the fatness and buff off, so a nice shape body.

I run pretty much every day (15 Ė 30 mins run)

I try to eat healthy every day and fruit (3 meals a day)

Because Iím working a lot and at uni, I only can do gym twice a week.

I do upper weight and lower body, I do 3 set like 12 on big, and then get smaller 10, then 8.

I take protein after the workout when I run back to the house.

I try to keep fit all the time, 2 year ago I was very fit and working out all the time, (doing too much) but then start eating a lot, but got better shoulder frame now though, but really need to lose the fatness of weight, Iím about 5.11 tall and weighs about 10.5 Ė 11 stones.

What you think? And what can I improve?

I just want to have a nice body and donít have fatness and night muscle look / body



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