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calisthenic circuit training workout

Posted by: Rob


a little about me:

I started really working out about 15 months ago with a goal of getting down to under 200lbs and cut up in less than 12 months. i revamped my diet COMPLETELY and obtained the P90x program. i would like you to know that in 8 months i met my goal and surpassed it by 10lbs (i went from 258 to 190lbs. with some cuts)...yay!!! then my daughter was born and life got really busy. i slacked off alot but thanks to my newfound way of eating i maintained my weight.

that being said my question is this:

of course i want to eventually obtain 6 pac abs...what guy wouldnt? but my problem area is my chest. i just cant seem to tone it up like i want it. and with my fast paced life i have no time (or $$) for a gym so i work out (when i can) at home but i have very little time. i want to design a simple calestenic circut workout that i can do at home that will still yield the results i want. can you give me any advice on a schedule? how many days a week is enough? how can i form my chest ( i do hundreds of pushups)?

thanks for any help you can give

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