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how to lose muscle bulk

Posted by: Samantha

How do I loose bulk muscle (or at least stop from putting it on)? I know they say women don't get "bulk" muscle, but I'm not sure I fit that "rule." I do lots of cardio- 45-85 minutes each work out session and have cut my weight lifting to a minimum. I did massive weight training in HS since I was on three sports teams (that was nearly 7 years ago). I rarely do any weight training anymore, since I'm actually trying to shrink my muscles, but when I do I work on my triceps keeping the weights to 15lbs each (used to do 20-35) and a vertical pull of 65 lbs (used to do 85-110lbs), and when I do free weights- dumbbells I do 5-8lbs (used to do 15-20)I have done everything I can to lessen the blulk of my arms but it seems that even if I'm only doing free weights of 5lbs I automatically start looking like Hulk Hogan. I still have a lot of muscle in my legs- which I'm okay with. Could it be that I just keep muscle on my frame? I'm not sure if you would need my "stats" but I'm nearly 5'7 and my body weight is around 155lbs.

Thanks for any help you can give me... every time I look for clues or advice on the internet I get all the same answers "cardio" which I do more than I weight lift. I do cardio 3-4 times a week and weight lift maybe 1-2 times a week. I also do different variations of my workout. Different cardio machines, different times, and different arm exercises.


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