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body shaping for women

Posted by: Samantha


what would you recommend for a 16 yr old girl in yr 11 who has a full load of home work but , wants to tone up the thighs and stomach? and would this be consider fat/underweight, or normal, 145cm weighing 47kg?, at the start of the year i was 44, then i went down to 38 now i'm 47, and feels really bad am i just being paranoid? my teacher said i should worry about it but i do, i just want to feel happy and healthy but every time i start something i always stop and then 5 weeks later start again but get really frustrated that i have to start again. i'm very negative about myself and i cant help that i've tried to be positive, and really just wants something to follow, like a food plan and an exercise plan, i wanted to start at a gym with a trainer but the moneys an issue. so what would you suggest?


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