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curves smart program review

Posted by: Amy


I am a 39 yr old female, 5ft 5in, 165 pounds (heaviest was 185lbs). I've been this weight for 10 yrs (since my last child was born), never had a weight problem until I had kids, before kids I weighed 120. I've been exercising consistently for the past 10 yrs either at home or at the gym. My current routine is: Mon thru Fri I do interval training at home on my elliptical for 22 min each morning. Tue/Thr/Sat I do 30-40 min. at Curves (CurvesSmart program--lost 5-8 lbs since May2010), in the afternoon. I don't have the best diet, but it's not all bad either--I do tend to eat bigger portions than necessary sometimes and trying to control that better. I exercise mainly so I won't have to depend on depression meds, but would like to lose the extra weight. I'm currently taking vitamins but no prescription meds. I've tried the Medifast & Nutrisystem in which I lost 10-15 lbs and have kept it off. So, I have a few questions since I'm not losing weight:

1) Am I exercising too much? Is that even possible?

2) I'm interested in taking appetite suppressants but don't know much about that. How long? Are they addictive? Are they safe?

I would like to loose 30lbs and I think 130-135 is a healthy weight for me.



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