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effective workout for weight loss

Posted by: Kevin

My name is Kevin. I recently started a new workout routine (about 1 month ago). I want to know if it is an effective enough workout, or if i should increase the frequency. First, a little background info... 

 Im 6'3, 270lbs.. not sure what my bmi is because im not obese, but have a high bmi according to calculators. my wrist is 8inches, my forearm 16.   I work in asphalt repair, usually for a minimum of 6 hrs a day, sometimes for 16, 5-6 days per week. 

My  routine is a simple body-weight exercise routine 2 days per week, monday and thursday. I do this: 

50 jumping jacks (3 ct)
25 reg pushups
20 squats
20 cherry pickers
25 decline pushups
10 1-legged squats (each leg)
20 side to side lunges
20 jumping jacks(3 ct)
25 incline pushups
plank 60 seconds
20 squats (as deep as i can go)
as many reg pushups as i can, then onto my knees for more untill i cant move anymore.

iv recently started eating a protien bar before the workouts as well, whereas for the last 7 months of work iv only been eating a muffin in the morning then a large meal at night.  my main goal is to lose my waste, an i have lost an inch since i started the workout.

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