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7 Minute Muscle Review

Posted by: Craig

Just read your blog on Mike Mentzer...

and I must say it took me back cuz I also trained with him a few times and start to finish everything you experienced with him so did I, right down to him lighting up after offering me a smoke outside of Venice Golds! I still have the workouts that he had hand written on the back of a Venice Gold's gym aerobic class schedule. He was classic to the end.

One of the reasons besides nostalgia is that I've always been a fan of the less is more training style and now I've stumbled on to Jon Benson's 7 minute muscle. I'm not at all affiliated with his organization but I do have to say that it works. Once you've been through an intense workout like Mike's Jon's tend to make sense and are backed by some great foot noted research. Including Mike's mentor Arthur Jones.

Editor's note: To checkout the program go to Jon Benson's 7 Minute Muscle

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