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how long to lift weights a day

Posted by: Sjur

Recommended Workout Time + Leg Exercises

I read your article and I found it very helpful, I just have a two questions.

You said that it's important to not work out too long, I've heard that before too but what is recommended? I work out about 2 hours, 3 times a week. And I need at least those 2 hours in order to finish all my exercises, actually I could need some more back exercises, and that is recommended. And I've heard 2 hours + is too long. How am I supposed to keep the workout time down and at the same time finish all my exercises? I don't work out too much or too hard, I am pretty sure of that.

And second: I have worked out my legs intensively, and I can only spot differences in my upper body, and not my legs, despite the fact that I've worked out my legs alot harder than the rest. I always push myself till I am about to burst out to tears when I workout my legs, because they are so skinny. Yet I don't see any improvements. :S I am doing Leg Extensions(Machine) and Leg Curls(Machine), before I used Leg Press only, but moved to these two exercises because I wasn't satisfied with my results. But yet, I still don't see any results, now my upper body is getting huge and my legs are like toothpicks. Do you have any good advices or exercises that will actually make my legs bigger? I am desperate. :)

Loved your article, and in advance; thank you. :)

Best Regards,


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