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how to improve my workout

Posted by: josh

Help me improve my workout and ME!!

So I recently am building a new workout program to attempt to keep my heart rate up throughout my whole session. My main goal is to get "lean/cut" and I am getting back into working out after about a year and a half of not working out so there isn't a solid base. I have been doing this routine for about two weeks now:


-run a mile as fast as I can w/ goal to improve each week (I'm sitting at about a 7-7:30 mile at the moment)

-immediately after I go do Abs working on upper abs via a machine that keeps legs at 90 degree angle doing 20-30 reps 2-3 sets, then work mid to lower abs via semi straight leg situps with a 9lb(ish i dont remember) medicine ball and after 15 to 20 reps moving immediately to holding body at a 20 degree angle bringing ball to each side of body 10 times then back to reg situps doing about 10 reps then side to side(do 2 sets of this). Then lastly with remaining ab energy i do hanging ab workoung bring legs up controlled.

-Then i move to either upright or horizontal bike going at a resistance of 5 or 6 keeping RPMs at 90+ from 10-20 mins

-from there i move to weight room working on opposite muscles (back and chest, biceps triceps, and so on) normally i only do about 2 muscle groups a day and i tend to not touch the legs since i do so much cardio which i am open to suggestions but mainly i stick with dumbell workouts and bench and machines ... i dont doo anything too crazy. i do 3 sets of at least 10 reps on whatever i do ... or else i do more reps.

-lastly i do the opposite bike of what i did before for 5 or 6 resistance with a 90+ RPM for 10-20 mins

That is my workout folks and it is just something new im trying to keep the heart rate up while still improve. to reiterate Im not trying to become a body builder i am just looking to tone which is a word that ppl throw around alot but that is the case. Im a 25 year old male about 5'8 180 lbs. If anyone has any suggestions good or bad about what im doing please let me know. Also any good diet tips let me know as well. Diet is hard to do in my family seeing how i just graduated recently and I moved back in with the parents to save cash and they arent the most healthy eaters but im getting them into more fruit and steamed vegetables. Any questions to assist you in improving me i am more than open to answer so please ask away.

Thanks guys

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