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help with bodybuilding diet

Posted by: Jas


I was wondering if you could give me some advice please!

Im 185lbs + 18% bodyfat at 181.5 cm! Looking to get lean as possible and maintain muscle

My diet is as below

8am - 2/3 cup oats + 1cup skimmed milk , 2 scoops whey + 1tsp creatine
10.30am - 2 scoops whey + 2 oatcakes (dry)
12.45pm - 2 chicken breasts grilled (total 7oz) with green veggies, broccoli/peas
3.30pm - 2 scoops whey + piece of fruit
in gym workout starts 6.30 (weights or cardio)
8.15pm Post workout shake- 2 scoops whey,5tsp dextrose,1tsp creatine + 1tsp glutamine
9.30pm - 2 chicken breasts (6oz) + green veggies (asparagus)
3-4 litres of water a day also

*Now im keeping carbs low and trying to cycle them so 3 days in a row as above + every 4th day ill eat some potatoes with 12.45 meal, but i never eat carbs with 9.30pm meal! Is this correct???? Also bodybuilders talk about 6 meals a day, but does that include the post workout shake + how soon after my PW shake should i eat my meal ( bearing in mind i sleep at 11pm).

Any advice you can give to help me with my diet, timing??? Any help is really appreciated

Many thanks


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